Saturday, February 22, 2014

Horsey Baby Gifts

My pal and fellow equestrian Trista (who, as you may remember, let my horses live in her cow pasture for months) is expecting a baby boy next month! It's her first child, and I know she and her husband Gage are super excited. All of Trista's dressage friends are throwing her a baby shower next weekend, so I've had this horse-themed baby shower on the brain lately. (Trista and I have, of course, discussed how this baby will surely be the next William Fox-Pitt or Steffen Peters.)

How cute are these horse-shaped soaps for party favors? 

A baby horse in pajamas on a baby blanket? Dying.

Horse onesie? Check.

From what I gather, babies require lots of stuff. Trista will definitely need a feedsack tote to carry it all around, right?

Horse mobile? Very cool.

Crocheted horse baby hat?! Cute overload!

Trista isn't registered anywhere and has informed all of her would-be gifters that the baby's grandparents will be taking care of major baby items. True to her practical nature and embarrassment over the fuss being made, she told me she really just wants one thing at this baby shower: a loose-ring french link snaffle for her horse, Rocket.

Trista & Rocket dressagin'


Marissa said...

I love the mobile! Definitely would have bought that if I had seen it when my daughter was younger. Love the hat too :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable ideas!!

Carly said...

I want all of those for myself!

Stephanie said...

I would wear that horse hat. SO CUTE.

Stephanie said...

The mobile is really pretty! If I were a craftier person, I'd try to make one myself!

Stephanie said...

There are so many cute baby things out there!

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