Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend in numbers

10: Number of hours involved with Saturday's concession stand adventure at the Green Country Dressage schooling show. Johnny and I bought items, made posters, hauled SO. MUCH. STUFF., and operated a concession stand for what felt like forever on Saturday. Let me tell you, it was not a profitable endeavor.

9: Number of Diet Cokes I drank this weekend. (Hey, we had a lot of leftovers from the concession stand.)

8: Number of cheeseburgers one guy bought from us over the course of the day. I guess we should be proud of our cooking skills?

7: Number of times Johnny told me to stop muttering critiques of riders in the warm-up ring. (He just doesn't understand.)

6: Number of hot dogs I ate this weekend. (Remember that time I lost 8 pounds? LOLZ.)

5: Number of hours I spent hanging out with the Irish Setter people at the Mid-Continent Kennel Club dog show on Sunday. I guess I'm bad luck or something, because no one did very well! (But I got to pet all the silly dogs.) 

This must be what it looks like at the Irish Setter factory.
4: Number of hours Johnny and I spent playing Rock Band 2 on Sunday night. (Apparently, Rock Band skills gained in college do not disappear with disuse over the years. I am still amazing.)

3: Number of times I asked Johnny if we could move the horses to the facility where the show was. (So nice- dressage arena, covered arena, two outdoor jumping rings, tons of jumps, a little XC course, beautiful paddocks, and a bathroom in the barn. What more could you want?)

2: Number of miles I managed to run on Monday, despite Saturday's hot dog indiscretions and Sunday's inappropriate Taco Bell feast. 

1: Number of times someone asked for coffee at the horse show. (Surprising!)

0: Number of times I saw my horses this weekend. Oops. 

Here's to a week full of better food decisions and actually getting out to ride Moe and Gina!

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SheMovedtoTexas said...

I love diet coke AND irish setters :)

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