Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Decor

Johnny and I have made a lot of progress since my last Wedding Wednesday post: we've settled on a photographer and DJ, decided to rent a venue instead of having it at the horses' boarding barn (the logistics of getting tables, chairs, tents, food, etc. out there was a nightmare), and have decided where to have the rehearsal dinner. 

Now I feel like it's on to the fun stuff, like decorating for the wedding! There are so many great ideas out there (I'm looking at you, Pinterest). I definitely want an equestrian flair to the decorations; it'd be nice to incorporate the Derby's classic roses, but I don't want to go overboard on them because they're expensive.

Source: Rustic Wedding Chic
I really love the ribbons on the backs of these chairs. I have a lot of ribbons I could use for this, although ordering some custom ribbons from Hodges Badge is also an option. (Then I wouldn't have to worry about any of my precious satin getting ruined or going missing.) 

Source: Erica Ann Photography
For table centerpieces, I'm totally into these vintage trophy cups filled with flowers. However, finding them is sort of tricky- not to mention expensive! Ideas, anyone?

Source: Hostess With The Mostess Blog

We aren't having assigned seating at the reception (because no one wants to get stuck next to Great Uncle Everett who will advise you to steal the silverware), so we don't need a whole lot in the way of signage. These free printables from Hostess With The Mostess are cute, though- we could use them in the food and bar areas. I love that they aren't just red and white!

Source: Ice Magic
Remember when I mentioned something about an ice sculpture? Totally going for it. Since the reception will be mostly indoors, we don't have to worry about it melting super quickly. Plus, it's a freaking ice sculpture!! How could I not?!

Do y'all have any ideas about decor? The venue we've chosen is The Silo Event Center, which is sort of rustic without being overwhelmingly kitschy. (And it's horse-friendly, obvs.) 


redheadlins said...

I love all those ideas! I think ribbons are pretty affordable so that might be a fun option, you could even print a thank you on the back and have guests take them home for a little momento.

No Hour Wasted said...

Ribbons on chairs looks so cute!! Love that idea

Laura @ Bit by Bit said...

Love absolutely everything, especially the ice sculpture idea!!

KateRose said...

Lots of great ideas! Can't wait to see how it all turns out :)

SquirrelGurl said...

Love your ideas! The ribbons on the backs of the chairs are adorable. Pinterest was my absolute best friend when planning our wedding. Have you been on Wedding Bee yet? Sometimes you can nab some nifty decorations for a pretty good price. Are you set on silver? Maybe there are glass vases that are similar in shape?

emma said...

ooh i like your ideas too! the ribbons are a nice touch, and if you special order them you can have more control over matching the colors etc. sounds like fun :)

SheMovedtoTexas said...

ICE SCULPTURE! I love love the ribbons. Also, look for cheap plastic "trophies" or vases. You can always spray paint them with silver mirrored spray paint.

L.Williams said...

I have the ribbons pinned on my secret wedding board (because I'm not getting married which is why its secret)

Anonymous said...

Weird thing, but I had a friend buy tons of vases and such from dollar stores and use them...any idea if they have something there you can paint or use?

Checkmark115 said...

oh. my. god. the ribbon thing is genius!! GENIUS I SAY.

Tracy Beavers said...

So, you and I should seriously chat! For my wedding in May we did a combined baseball/equestrian theme. For centerpieces we did a mint julep cup (like you pictured) with a roses/hydrangea combo of flowers because it was cheaper than straight roses and then the table numbers were horseshoes (I just printed numbers on paper, cut to size and attached to the back of the shoe).

If you ever want to chat about ideas, feel free to email me! tracyjbeavers(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

Wilbur, Ellie, and Emily said...

LOVE!!!! Check out don't know what they have for equestrian themes but lots of great wedding ideas!

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