Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Update on MLP crisis

Many of you chimed in with your opinion on the My Little Pony Crisis of 2014, and for that, I thank you! Your input was helpful- and I also felt a little vindicated that other people thought the dolls were freaky, too.

Johnny and I went to Target while they were running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday/some kind of post-Thanksgiving sale on toys. They were offering buy one, get one half-off on selected toy brands, one of which was My Little Pony.

I hemmed and hawed over what to buy. Which pony was the uncool pony no one really likes? Was it possible this kid already had a Rainbow Dash toy?

I ended up getting both a doll and a pony. I chose Fluttershy (mostly because Target had both a doll and pony), who seems pretty chill and not totally lame.

We also found some My Little Pony socks, a cool horse t-shirt, and all the other things on the girl's wishlist (a CD player, a jewelry making kit, clothing). 

I was happy we could donate our time and money to (hopefully) improving a child's Christmas! But next year, I think we'll just go for donating lots of toys to the Salvation Army instead of stressing out over a specific kid!


No Hour Wasted said...

You rock! And btw... should have totes been on local news. MLP crisis '14 indeed.

I do have to ask...what were they thinking with equineman hybrids?

Stephanie said...

Who the hell knows???

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Pony > Doll. ;) You chose wisely!

Shauna said...

OMG. My little pony! I had a million of them when I was a kid. *Obsessed*.

While their overall conformation has greatly improved, I have to say the giant bug eyes kinda freak me out.

Madeline C. said...

As a My Little Pony fan... The dolls creep me out. Not going to lie. I've been dying to go back and watch the original MLP but I can't find it!

emma said...

picking for an individual is always harder lol - sounds like you got some great stuff tho!

Tracy Beavers said...

When all else fails, BUY ALL THE THINGS. That little girl is going to be so happy!!

Veronica Elizabeth Raj said...

Fluttershy is probably my favorite.
I kinda think the hybrid dolls are adorably weird, like a certain corgi, maybe? ;)
I have to admit I had a conversation about MLP with my niece and got a wee bit excited over trying to find the right version of Pinkie Pie to buy for her.

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