Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon

Over Thanksgiving, Johnny's grandmother offered to give us a cruise for our honeymoon as a wedding gift. Through some kind of timeshare/Marriott rewards program, she can redeem points for such a thing. I don't know all the details, though I do know that only certain ports/cruises/destinations are eligible. We're very grateful for her offer.

Is this what cruises are like?
But...neither of us has ever been on a cruise. I've always thought they sounded fun (though maybe not so much after reading Lauren at She Moved To Texas's recent post on it!), but I also think they sound like Johnny's worst nightmare. He's not a people person, he definitely isn't interested in clubbing on a cruise ship (or elsewhere), and he's not a big fan of drunk people or small children.

However, we don't really have an alternative plan for a honeymoon. We'd loosely talked about taking a road trip down the East Coast, sightseeing and eating (mostly eating). I'd also suggested taking a trip around Europe to see how horses are managed there; Johnny was less into this idea than I was.

I'd love to hear from you on your cruise experiences. Terrible? Marvelous? Hilarious? I'd also love to hear about what you did for your honeymoon (or what you'd like to do)!


Unknown said...

I enjoyed both the cruises I've been on. Yes, there are loud areas, but there is also usually an adults only deck that is quiet. And there are lots of shows and entertainment. We never set foot in the clubs.

Amanda said...

Love, love, LOVE cruise as honeymoon. We went on one a few years ago to Bermuda and it was one of my favorite vacations of all time. I am not a drinker, not a club person, and not a people person. We hung out in our balcony room and read and relaxed, went to the shows at night, had lots of delicious food, and did other fun things around the ship that were not loud or overcrowded.

We went on a Norwegian cruise, which I would recommend for a few reasons - they do interesting destinations, I thought they handled everything very well, and most importantly, it was very flexible. We didn't have assigned dinner companions, we didn't even have assigned times or places. You went where you wanted to go and ate when you wanted to eat, with whoever you wanted to. There were a few restaurants that were fancier for a very affordable premium, $10 or $20 a person.

We're actually thinking about the Norwegian Baltic capitals cruise for our honeymoon. We'd like something very relaxing, and while we love road trips (we did 2.5 weeks up and down the east coast a few years ago on a history tour, and it was amazing) that's not the direction we want this time.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because my cruise experience was very different. My husband and I did a cruise to Alaska via NCL for our honeymoon. No clubs, no mandatory meal times, no assigned seats. The top floor had glass walls and we would lay around up there and watch the world go by. Drinks are expensive of course. Honestly the most relaxing vacation I've ever had. I think you just have to pick the right cruise line.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the feedback- it's good to hear that not every cruise is an alcohol-fueled orgy of people and club music!

Stephanie said...

I like the idea of flexible dining- while I'm a people person and don't mind hanging out with strangers, there's a limit to what I can tolerate!

Stephanie said...

That sounds super relaxing! I need to see what cruise lines we can choose from and then do some research!

Sarah said...

I've been on many, many cruises, including for our honeymoon. The beauty of cruises is that they really cater to whatever mood you're in. You wan't to relax poolside and sip a mai tai? Check. Want to read a book in a quiet nook? Lots of quiet lounges, libraries, etc to choose from. Want to get wasted and play limbo with a hot cruise director? Available. Want to try out blackjack or roulette? There's always welcoming casinos perfect for newbs. Some cruises include drinks, most do not. Depends on what line you end up going with. Best of all - unpacking once, and getting to visit multiple places. And hot tip: upgrading to a balcony is always worth it.

Tracy Beavers said...

I've never been on a cruise either, but after reading Lauren's post I'm not really gung-ho about trying it, haha! I like to relax on vacation and not be surrounded by people, heh. Anyways, Sam and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon and it was fantastic! We stayed on the quiet side of the island and it was gorgeous, relaxing and not crowded whatsoever.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Yup, like others said don't discount it. I would try to NOT go on Carnival, but even on our short "party" cruise we found lots of relaxing, quiet areas to ourselves. Don't fret!

Olivia said...

I like cruising and we did a cruise from Rome to Greece and Turkey for our honeymoon. I've also done Alaska and the Caribbean (multiple times). I've done Carnival once and would never go back. I really like Holland America because there are very few kids and fewer partiers. I'm not a people person or a clubber. We get a balcony room, hang out, watch movies, read, have tons of food (HL has daily tea service), watch shows, and stop off at cool ports. The freestyle dinner thing I found really annoying - long lines and pressure to sit in large groups or wait even longer. Just ask for a private 2 person table at a fixed time. Then there's no awkward socializing. If you're going to the Caribbean, another pro is almost every port will offer some sort of ride a horse in the ocean experience. It's a really fun thing to do.

emma said...

i've never been on a cruise - but one of my coworkers actually did their whole wedding on a cruise. the guests/family peeled off a little early and they just continued on for the honeymoon. i think different cruise lines cater to different types of atmospheres - they aren't all party all the time. good luck!

Anonymous said...

My hubs is a not a crowd person, or a big club crazy guy. He told me he felt like we were constantly surrounded by people and I felt the same way. Overall our cruise wasn't a great experience, and we were more happy getting off the boat than anything. If you go, make sure to book lots of excursions for your ports. We won't be doing it again!

Aoife said...

A cruise is on my bucket list to try at least once and hopefully more if i like it and find someone to come with me. I like my own company it not 24/7 for extended periods of time ;-)
Europe could be cool too. If my flat is ready & you decide to come through Lux I'll happily put you both up & do free tour guide and recommend good places to eat. ;-)
Just throwing that out there...standard offer though, no expiry date so whenever you're passing through ;-p
A gift of a cruise could be pretty epic ☺

Saiph A said...

My hubs and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon. Neither of us had ever been on a cruise before. It was a 7 day Carnival cruise over New Year's. The cool part about New Year's was that we crossed a time zone at we celebrated the New Year twice! Charles and I went to the very top floor of the boat that night, basically on the roof of the boat, and looked down on the party from up there and were in our own little world at midnight, no one else around except the stars above us. It was awesome and so so romantic.

When booking, we were offered an upgrade for next to nothing for a room with a balcony. We were SO happy we went ahead with it! We spent a lot of time on that balcony looking out at sea and just hanging out talking and reading. They had the more formal dining area where they offered more formal dinners, but it wasn't mandatory to go eat there: food was offered in other areas of the boat if you didn't feel like eating at the "proper" dining room. I'm not a people person nor a party person, but we really had a great time and pretty much did our own thing the entire time. We went to the boat club one night to dance but the DJ was kind of obsessed with Beyonce and as it would turn out, he played exactly the same thing every night. We didn't do any of the boat-sponsored activities when stopping at the different islands: we just rented a scooter at each one and went out doing our own exploring. We saved a lot of money that way and were able to see so much more! Charles had been to most of the islands at one point or another so he had an idea of where things were. In Saint Thomas we drove around the island asking the locals which beaches were the best ones and went kayaking; at Nassau we met up with a friend of Charles who invited us to his timeshare for lunch and drinks; in PR we met up with my family for dinner. We had a really, really wonderful time. Totally recommend!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went to Sandals Antigua for our honeymoon for a week. I literally cannot recommend it enough! There is something for everyone there, places for the people who like to drink and party, and a lot of things for those who don't enjoy that (we were in the second camp) The food was GREAT and there were 7 restaurants included. Let's just say we ate our money's worth, some days we went for a second breakfast or second late night dinner.

There are a lot of daytime activities, all water sports and snorkeling are included. There are also tennis courts and a big gym if that's important to you. We did some excursions that were totally worth it: horseback riding on the beach, ziplining through the jungle, a segway tour through an old military fort.

Our room was also gorgeous. All in all, it was a great and memorable honeymoon :-)

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