Thursday, April 9, 2015

TOABH: 18 on the 18th

Beka's grand finale of a blog hop: In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.

Since I have two horses and no one wants to read a list of 36 things, we'll pretend I love both horses equally and cover both of them in one list!

One is special, the other is annoyed.
1. I love how they're both good sports- they're remarkably well behaved and good-natured toward even the greenest of riders. 

2. I love their default expressions.

3. I love their tough hooves that never require more than a modest trim.

4. I love how well they trailer and travel.

5. I love how they soar over jumps. (Most of the time.)

Gina is capable of taking flight.
Moe always soars.
6. I love how well they treat their lesson kiddos. 

7. I love how their ground manners are impeccable. Well, other than when Gina inexplicably pulls back.

8. I love that they're low maintenance.

9. I love how frequently they surprise me with what a "senior" horse is capable of.

#bossbitch at 17
10. I love how they greet me in the mornings.

Gina and Dee are more sedate.
11. I love how they boost my confidence in different ways; Gina makes me feel like dressage is fun, while I know Moe can carry me over any obstacle.

12. I love their beauty and power.

13. I love their ridiculous whinnies- Gina's low-pitched and studly, Moe's high and shrill.

14. I love how they're such different physical representatives of the breed. 

15. I love how often people guess they're much younger than they are.

16. I love how they forgive me for my many, many riding flaws. (Most of the time.) 

17. I love how their reputation as big, bad event horses impresses some people at the barn...even though neither has ever competed through Training level. 

18. I love how totally different from one another they are.


Beka Burke said...

I love this! And I love how polar opposite they both are, from the whinnies to the facial expressions. "Seniors". Psh! :)

Stephanie said...

They are total opposites, but I (mostly) love them both equally. But I really do love how they don't look or act like senior horses, despite all my jokes about they're old and infirm!

Nicole Sharpe said...

I love that you combined them and managed to compliment both of their personalities at the same time!

Karley said...

:) So fun to read these!

Aoife said...

Such an awesome post about to epic horses.

emma said...

aw your horses are so sweet! love their default expressions too haha

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