Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In Which Dover Saddlery Is Rude

About a month ago, I purchased some gloves from Dover Saddlery. They were on sale for something like $5 and I figured they'd make a decent pair of show gloves and last me through the rest of the year. I didn't plan on using them to school; I use regular old Nike batting gloves for that (and they're GREAT). When I received the gloves, I tried them on to make sure they fit and promptly left them on my kitchen table (which is also a shelf, you know). I dug them out when I was getting my show things together on Saturday night and tried them on again, just to be extra sure they would be fine for the dressage schooling show on Sunday. To my disappointment, the right glove left a nasty black powder all over my hand, and I could see the polyurethane coating flaking off the top of the glove. The little holes on the top of the fingers were ripped and stretched. The wristband elastic was baggy and stretched. All this on a glove I'd tried on once. (The left glove, by the way, was perfectly fine.) I emailed Dover to ask about returning the gloves. Here's the exchange I had with the rep:

From: Stephanie Peck (stejpeck@gmail.com)
Sent: Sep 25, 2011 12:59:58 AM
Subject: Return Question

I purchased a pair of Flex Rider Suedetack gloves (item #X1-39152)
approximately a month ago (order #6200882) and am very disappointed in the
quality of the gloves. The left glove has no problems, but the right glove's
polyurethane suede is flaking off the top, palm, and inside of the glove.
The elastic wristband is baggy and not tight and some of the small holes on
the top of the fingers are ripped. I'd like to return the gloves. They
haven't been worn, but the tag has been removed; I am in possession of the
tag. Am I still able to return the gloves?
Stephanie Peck

On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 11:24 AM, Dover Saddlery - General <IS6053_18969@is.instantservice.com> wrote:
Hello Stephanie,

I can send you a label so you can send the gloves back, I apologize for the dissatisfaction. The gloves should not be falling apart so soon. Although you may want to look into purchasing a more expensive pair. The label will be coming via the mail and you can ship the gloves back using it.

Have a nice day!
Aubrey K
Customer Service

WHAT? I should "look into purchasing a more expensive pair"?!?! While I'm glad that Dover is willing to replace the defective gloves, I am extremely offended that their customer service representative suggested I buy a more expensive pair. I feel like they're essentially telling them they know their lower-priced product is poor quality. Additionally, the gloves in question (here) allegedly retail for $15 when they aren't on sale! 

Shame on you, Dover!

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