Tuesday, December 30, 2014

TOABH: I'm a loser, baby

Beka wants to know about your horse's biggest fail.  What did Thunderhooves do that embarrassed you, scared you, shocked you or just annoyed the hell out of you?

You know, I wasn't planning on participating in this particular topic, because I couldn't really think of anything Moe had ever done that was truly dreadful; plus, I've covered Gina's multiple failures in depth over the years. 

And then I received a text that filled me with horror, shame, and surprise:

My sweet, perpetually cheerful Moe bucked off a child! I can't imagine why he would do such a thing- this particular kid has been taking lessons on him for months and he's always been well behaved if a little zoomy. My best guess is the bucks were in frustration or confusion about why he was cantering around jumps without going over them. Regardless, I'm super embarrassed and very glad that Hunter is okay!

Bad Moe. Very bad Moe.

Poor old Gina has done a variety of infuriating things including, but not limited to: running away from me for 2+ hours to avoid being caught, pacing the fence line and screaming for a week when she moved paddocks, and rearing and flailing at ground poles. All is forgiven, though, because she has never bucked a child off.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Bad Moe! When I clicked on this I would've have guessed that'd be the subject.

Aoife said...

Oh Moe, methinks Gina will be gloating over that for a while. She's prob planning on setting up camp in the good books while whispering naughty ideas to Moe so he stays in the bad books

Stephanie said...

I KNOW! He's supposed to be the GOOD horse! *cries*

Stephanie said...

Oh my god, she is totally gloating. She gloated all the way to the arena this morning when she got all the treats and Moe got none.

Anonymous said...

Possibly this was confidential information? Information that sweet Moe didn't want anyone to know? Now I have to apologize to Moe for ratting him out. But, to answer your question, Roscoe is now apparently kind of biting at people who put his blanket on and take it off. People who aren't me. What? This is far from his biggest fail, however, as we both know.

emma said...

oh no Moe!!!! naughty naughty!! i hope he was very apologetic and contrite afterwards :(

Beka Burke said...

I jinxed you. :)

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