Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekend in numbers

10: Number of King's Hawaiian sweet rolls I ate. (Who's ready for New Year's resolutions...)

9: Number of trips it's going to take to the recycling center to clear out all the Christmas boxes and wrapping paper currently in the garage.

We saved all our presents for the actual day- slightly ridiculous.

8: Number of cups of echinacea tea I drank in an effort to rid myself of this lingering cough/cold Johnny so graciously gave me.

7: Approximate number of jumps I insisted my friend Audrey ride Gina over. You know, just to prove to myself that Gina will jump for other people.

Gina looks more excited than Audrey does.
6: Number of canter laps Moe did around the tiny indoor arena before he stopped flailing and started using his hind end.

"I am best horse! Best at flailing!"
5: Number of times I said, "This wedding is so stupid!" to Johnny because of an email or phone call received from one of our mothers.

4: Number of bourbon-laced drinks consumed to cope with impending wedding stupidity.

3: Number of small children having riding lessons at the barn on Friday afternoon when I went to ride. Chaos ensued.

From L-R: Adorable Welsh Cob Max, majestical Friesian/TN Walker Goliath, saintly TB/Belgian Sundance
2 (dozen): Number of chocolate chip cookies baked and eaten by Johnny. (He has a serious problem.)

1: Number of times Denny Emerson shared my post from earlier this year where I compared him to Drunk Uncle from Saturday Night Live! (I got his book for Christmas, so maybe I'll have post another compilation of excellent advice!)


No Hour Wasted said...

Ok 1 is pretty Awesome, but im super stoked for 7! Not just jumping for you but others!!??!! Sweet, Gina!

Stephanie said...

You should come ride Gina over some jumps!

No Hour Wasted said...

I have been terrible friend. We need to hang more.

Stephanie said...

You're a perfectly good friend! We can make hanging out more often a New Year's resolution. ;)

eventer79 said...

Hee, I won't repeat since I just replied to Beka's comment on your original Denny post, but that's hilarious. Oh and...make your friend wear a helmet. Don't make me tell her what it does to the people who love you most when they lose you to a TBI. It's not a good story. :*-(

Anonymous said...

Many small children, and one not-so-small grown-up.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

I love your by the numbers posts! Weddings are soooo stupid though ;)

Anonymous said...

Those King's Hawaiian rolls are the best!

Aoife said...

#1 is awesome, although J's 2 dozen cookies sound pretty tasty too mmmmm
Oh and of course - yay Gina, what a super star!!!

emma said...

sooo cool about #1... but also, kinda surprised at the #4 lol - that number would probably have been a titch higher were it me (and if i were warding off so many calls from the mothers)... :)

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